Hello from Italy

Hi from Roberto Grassi, from Italian community.
I’m here because i’m trying to let « European » people share effort about Interactive Fiction.
In particular we’re trying to setup a team to cohoperate on localization of authoring systems in order to facilitate tasks and share informations.
Would the French community appreciate this idea?


it’s nice to hear from you.
What do you mean about localization ?
Do you mean to gather all possible informations about already translated authoring systems, such as inform, or to translate / localize new systems ?

Maybe ifwiki could be a good place to start ?

There are already those pages, but it’s not completely up-to-date :
ifwiki.org/index.php/Category:French (there are entries about 2 french authoring systems)

I could maybe expend them a bit in the future.

Or do you have something else in mind ?

Hello. :smiley:

The second one.
I intend to setup a « permanent » european group that will take the commitment to establish and maintain localization (French, Spanish, Italian, German) of libraries of different non-anglophone countries.
Sharing effort and knowledge would decrease significantly the time to build and maintain libraries.

Something else. :slight_smile:

ok. Don’t forget there is also a swedish translation of Inform, and it should be quite easy to adapt it to other Scandinavian languages.
Do you also intend to focus primary on Inform, or to consider Tads and Hugo libraries as well ? Tads was less localized than Inform (it seems only in Russian, and someone is working on Tads 3 and french but it’s apparently not usable). I don’t know if it’s possible to localize Hugo as well.

Are you interested in other systems as well ? Adrift was translated into french but it seems it’s not complete (there are still english messages in the system, but maybe it’s not possible to translate all), and it’s also restricted to mswindows platforms. I translated Quest, but the problem remains the same, except there is no player even available for unix systems.



The group will work in a cohordinated and cohoperative way on all IF authoring programs. Anyway, firstly, we should focus on some simple tool, like ALAN, TO CHECK IF THE GROUP WORKS PROPERLY.

Hi Roberto!

I think most people here would be glad to help in such a project. While a full translation can be hard to accomplish alone, it would become a piece of cake with a team!! (well, maybe of an old, dry, toothbreaking cake)

Indeed, time is precious and hard to find, being able to give an unfinished work to a coworker will allow us to see the end of most translations.

Keep us inform’ed :slight_smile:

Absolutely, you can count on it!
Spain community looks interested in it.
I’m starting discussion in italian one.
And Depresiv, from Spain is contacting « North Europe ».
We’ll let you know.

je ne sais pas si les autres francophones ont tous été notifiés, mais apparement la suite de la discussion se trouve sur la liste (provisoire)


Pour le moment ils parlent qu’ils recherchent un site avec un forum et un wiki pour pouvoir discuter plus facilement.

Pensez-vous que l’on puisse ouvrir une section dans ce forum et installer un wiki type mediawiki sur ce site (qui pourrait également nous servir pour améliorer l’aspect portal de la partie française), ou alors on les laisse se débrouiller pour faire quelque chose de plus pro (il faut voir les sites italiens… chez qui ce genre de chose semble être une institution) ? :wink:
Je peux me charger d’installer le wiki si vous voulez.


I’ll try to join the list.

Sharing information is important. For Inform I used some code from the Spanish version (the one with the variable names in English), and of course it helped a lot.

There was the « Interactive fiction translator’s page », but I don’t find it ( if-translations.exhome.de/ ?)

– JL

Pourquoi pas… je te filerai les accès au compte dès que je remettrai la main dessus :slight_smile: et tu pourra installer tout ça.
Mais effectivement, avant de faire aussi bien que nos voisins italiens, on a de la marge =)

sur la liste apparemment les Italiens veulent conserver leur monopole, et ils vont gérer cela directement :slight_smile:

Donc on oublie pour cette option

Sinon as tu espoir de récupérer bientôt l’accès du compte ?

lol… :laughing:

En fait il faut juste que je sois chez moi, j’ai un classeur avec tous mes courriers free (j’ai oublié le week-end dernier :blush: ). Mais je ne rentre pas ce week-end donc ça attendra probablement le 22 octobre.