djl needs a developer/contributor. Anyone?

Pardonnez-moi que l’anglais est ma langue maternelle, et j’ai oublié beaucoup de mon français.

I currently am using Arch Linux, and noticed that I couldn’t install djl from yaourt/AUR, as it’s flagged out of date. I found out why; it hasn’t been packaged for the current version of Python. Diablo150 is no longer the developer for djl, per an email I’ve received from him.

I fixed the tar.gz at the djl site, and noticed in the PKGBUILD for Arch’s djl, that Eric Forgeot of this site right here is a contributor for it. I’m looking for Eric, to see if he might like to repackage, and pass along the fix for djl into yaourt?

Thanks. :slight_smile:


thank you for trying to write in French at the beginning :wink:

I’ve made the first PKGBUILD for djl, until Diablo150, who is also using Arch and was the developper of djl, took care of it. I can’t update the version on AUR, because Diablo150 is already the current Mainteneur. One thing he can do is to log into AUR and orphan this package. So you (or I, but you can do it yourself, it’s quite easy and entertaining) could adopt this package and update it.

I guess you’re probably aware you can create the package yourself and install it onto your system anyway (using makepkg)? Of course it’d be better to have it in AUR so everyone could enjoy it, so you’d better ask Diablo150 to orphan this package.

(note: I used to create a few Interactive Fiction packages for djl)

Actually Diablo150, per email, is no longer maintaining or developing djl, per an email I’ve received from him.

I never learned how to create packages for AUR, and really wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to…

I’ll return-email to Diablo150, and see if I can get him to orphan it… we’ll see.

Thanks for your response.

Mr. Grimwald, please check p.m.


done :slight_smile:

I really don’t get it? Oh, I see now.